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Diederick Cuckoo parasitizes eight of the Weaver Species. By a long process of natural selection, these cuckoos have evolved to parasite only their original host and are thus divided into ‘tribes’, sometimes known as a gens. For example, a Diederick Cuckoo hatched and raised by a Red Bishop will lay plain blue eggs to match those of its host, or blotched matching eggs in the nest of a White-winged Widowbird. 
However, individual Southern Masked Weavers lay blotched eggs with pigmentation unique to themselves, thus the eggs in the nests of a colony are extremely variable through-out. They are able to recognise their own eggs and reject a non-matching Diederick Cuckoo’s egg. However, somewhat like playing Russian roulette, the cuckoo manages to achieve a match in some nests and outwit the weaver, so in a colony one often finds a few nests that have been successfully parasitized. 

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